How you can teach, learn and understand science better?

Teachers: How long would it take to teach the content of your lessons if your students had a real understanding of how science really works? Our courses will teach you to engage your students with activities that lead to real learning, not simply rote facts. Neither is it simply entertaining it is science education as it should be challenging and curiosity inducing.

Students: How much sense does science make to you? Do you just seem to be learning a load of unconnected facts? Imagine how much better science would be if you understood how it all fits together? How much easier would it be to revise and how much better would your grades be?

We guarantee that your understanding of either the teaching (for primary and secondary teachers) or learning (primary and secondary students) will improve by doing one or more of our courses or you will get a full refund.

Our online school is devoted to making science a joyful evidence-based and creative subject.

There are courses for teachers and students available, all of them offering live support and many of them FREE. The paid courses enable us to develop and deliver our work through the charitable arm Rubbish Science.- Rethinking rubbish to turn it into a resource to solve real problems. If however, it is a challenge to pay for a course please get in contact and we will send you a voucher. All courses have a money-back guarantee.

We will look at science in a very different way. We will challenge you, confuse you at times to really explore your understanding and support you through to clarity. Learning is not an easy process and physics, in particular, can be difficult as it is often counterintuitive.

We focus on scientific literacy. To make you think like a scientist to understand what evidence is, what reliability means and how to assess reliability in a world awash with fake news and unsupported belief systems.

Our courses are as real as possible. Some like the physics of football are about being able to improve footballing skills and performance by understanding the physics principles. Need to kick a ball harder? You need as big a mass moving as fast as possible staying in contact with the ball for as long as possible. How do we do that? Have a look at the course!

The Science Educator incorporates Rubbish Science our charitable arm. Use rubbish, create something useful and learn scientific literacy. Grow plants hydroponically in plastic bottles. Make fly or mosquito traps develop solar stills with only a plastic bottle and a tin can

Please log in to join us. You have nothing to lose and plenty to gain

Neil has the ability to make physics accessible, simplifying things without losing the science. He is an inspiring tutor and following his support I won the IOP award for the most outstanding attainment of my pupils in England.

- Mark Niccolaides

Hi, I’m Neil Atkin your tutor

My passion is creating scientifically literate people able to understand what science is and to unlock to joy and endless curiosity that has enriched my own life.

For 25 years I taught physics very successfully but wrongly. Over the next ten years, I worked training thousands of teachers for two physics organisations in the UK and learned how to teach it much better.

If you are a learner wanting to improve your science ability I have learned from many of the best science educators on the planet and will deliver lessons guaranteed to increase your understanding

These courses are to try and pass on to you what I have learned to make you a more successful teacher. How to challenge, engage and educate your students more effectively. How to improve your knowledge and deal with any misconceptions you may have.

These courses are not about me, but about you. This is an opportunity to ask questions that you may feel uncomfortable asking at your school and to engage with other learners.

Teaching physics can be difficult as much of it is counterintuitive. Misconceptions can be rife in your classes so you are effectively challenging belief systems with rationality. That rarely ends well!

We will start with the absolute fundamentals, building up the connections between concepts to create knowledge and understanding that will clarify how physics works.